July 26, 2014

Pretty sad poems

I stumbled upon my old journal which I wrote on from June 2008 to July 2009. It's a journal full of doodles, songs, poems, lines, topic outlines, and excerpts from books I read. It's also where I kept some tickets of concerts and films that I went to (yes, I like keeping souvenirs for memories' sake before.) When I was keeping that journal, I realized that I wanted to write a book of poems and have it published. That dream still lives. 

One of the sad poems that I wrote on that journal is one of my favorite. I am sharing it here because I thought it's one of those beautiful things I have written. Or, maybe not. Haha. I, sharing this, is just one step to being less selfish. Some friends knew that I don't share or talk about to everyone the things that I like. I thought that if many people would like them too, the beauty of those things would be corrupted. Anyway, here's the poem that I wrote, dated April 30 - May 1, 2009. Cheers to life! :)

June 30, 2014

Teaching and good stories

A month in the public school system was an entirely new experience for me, as a preschool teacher. Also, a month was enough to help me adjust to and love (especially) the work I have.

Everyday is filled with funny conversations with the children and the parents. I love it when children share what they know and feel about the lesson and I love it more when parents tell me what do they children say about what we talked about in class. Unfortunately, there are only few parents who give feedback about their children. 

Everyday, I get to talk to and spend hours with a maximum of 48 pupils, (28 in my morning class and another 20 in the afternoon) and with just a week, I was able to remember all their names. That, for me, is crucial so that the children will somehow feel that their teacher knows them, and that they are important. My voice has started to get hoarse because of singing, talking, and shouting (at times) for six hours every day. I think a big part of it was because of singing. Haha. Good thing that nobody in my class has told me yet that I don't sound good.

So far, my favorite lesson was when we talked about the parts of the body that we can't  see. I chose five organs only such as the brain, heart, lungs, stomach and kidney. I'm glad that they understood the use of each organ and remembered how to take care of their body. I told them that smoking can make lungs sick and almost all of the children told me that they knew someone who smokes. Some of them were their dads, uncles, etc. I told them that they can tell those persons what may happen to their lungs because of smoking. Here is the funny story I heard the day after that lesson (non-verbatim):

          Parent 1: Ang anak ko sinabihan si A, nanay ni K.(My daughter told something to A, mom of K.)
          Parent 2: Ano raw? (What did she say?)
       Parent 1: Huwag daw manigarilyo, mabubulok ang baga at mamamatay. Ang sabi naman ni A hayaan na lang siyang mamatay. Hahaha (It's not good to smoke, her lungs will get sick and she will die. A just answered that just let her die. Hahaha)
         Parent 2: Eh, bakit hindi ang tatay niya ang sinabihan? (Why didn't your daughter tell that to her dad?)
         Parent 1: Sinabihan nga, ayaw na ngang ibili ng sigarilyo 'pag nagpapabili.(She told her dad that, too. She doesn't like to buy her dad cigarette when she was asked to.)

I laughed when I heard that conversation between parents and was glad to know that the message got across. I hope that in the months to come, the class will learn more things and enjoy school even more. Here's to fun-filled learning! :)

June 29, 2014

It has been a while

I've been wanting to write something here these past few weeks but since I'm still adjusting to my new work plus I've had weekend activities to attend to, I didn't have much time.

I had this vow to write at least two things here every month and I have yet to break that vow. Maybe later, or tomorrow, or before June ends I will be updating this blog with great things (I hope.)

Now, I'm sharing this pretty cover of a song I love and I'll be back sooooon. Have a happy day! :)

May 20, 2014


Four plus one
The fingers in your hand
The pentagram
The pillars of Islam

Vowels in the alphabet
The little monkeys jumping on the bed
The third prime number
Iambic Pentameter

Mysteries of the rosary
Elements of Alchemy
Platonic solids
The stages of grief

Pentatonic Scale
The basic tastes
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Sacred wounds of Jesus
Every good boy does fine
Jakson 5
A Song of Ice and Fire

How long we've gone?
Those things have told
Five is just a number
For we're counting until forever.

May 17, 2014

The Challenges

Yesterday, I went to the new school that I will be teaching in for the next ten months. I met the School Principal and some teachers that were on duty that day. They gave me an informal orientation about the school, teachers, the students and the parents. I'm excited for this school year because I will be teaching older kids (that is, a little older than toddlers.)

They showed me the old Kinder classroom and asked me if I wanted to transfer to another classroom which is bigger. I preferred to transfer to a bigger classroom since the recent memo from Department of Education (DepEd) says that the maximum number of students for a regular Kindergarten teacher is 35. Yes, 35. Imagine putting 35 kids in a relatively small classroom. There should be enough space for them to move around, play and do some activities. Well, that's just one of the challenges.

I was surprised to see that the classrooms were not that unattractive. Just some clean up (maybe, a lot) and they will be ready for school. Some rearrangements need to be done; some repainting may be good, too. I can imagine transforming the classroom to make it more child-friendly and conducive to learning and playing. I'll be asking help from friends and it will look alright in time.
The old Kinder classroom
The classroom that I will be using
Next week will be DepEd's program, Brigada Eskwela 2014. It's a time when the teachers invite the community (parents, barangay officers and some concerned citizens) to take part in preparing the school for the start of classes. It's a time when the school focuses on all the facilities and equipment that need some fixing. In some ways, this program helps build supposedly strong relationship between the school and the community, to better the education of the children. On the other hand, I cannot help but think that this program is just a way of the government to address budgetary concerns relating to the improvement of school facilities and provision of necessary materials, because clearly, the funds seem not enough to help the teachers prepare their classrooms every year. Unless, there are funds that are unfortunately, not distributed properly. In the end, the school asks for donations and solicitations from parents, groups and private associations, that can help in much needed improvements. Oh, well.

Though there are a lot of challenges in classroom preparation, I am still excited to make my classroom look better for the learning of the children. I just hope that I'll get enough help (manpower and finance) before the school year starts. I pray for a happy school year! :)
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