April 16, 2015

Our story (in photographs and poetry)

If I had known everything I know about who you are back when I didn't know a thing about you, I would’ve pulled you aside sooner & said Thank You for being one of the most incredible people I will ever know.
In that moment, our eyes met & I remember thinking This is what it is like to be struck by lightning, knowing I would never be untouched by you again.

Tied together by stuff too difficult to explain to someone new.

April 15, 2015

Sing along

I was trying to find the lyrics of Peryodiko's Tayo Lang Ang May Alam. There was none available yet so I decided to put it here. I listened carefully to the song and wrote the words. I remember doing this to The Jerks' Bitterly. Here it goes:

Tayo Lang Ang May Alam

Tayo lang ang may alam
Nando'n sa pagitan ng paalam at pahiram
Tayo lang ang may alam
Tayo lang

Sige lang
Sumayaw sa hinihingi ng pagkakataon
Umindak sa kumpas ng kabog ng dibdib na hindi mahinahon
Hindi niya mapapansin
'Di ka man tumingin
Dinig ko ang bawat patak ng luha mo pero...

Tayo lang ang nakakaalam
Nando'n sa pagitan ng paalam at pahiram
Tayo lang ang may alam
Tayo lang

Sige lang
'Di mo naman kailangan pang magpaliwanag
Nandyan ako, nandito kayo sa pagitan ng mga mundo
Hindi niya mapapansin
Kung saan ka nakatingin
Abot kamay, abot tanaw pero 'di makagalaw...

Tayo lang nakakaalam
Nando'n sa pagitan ng paalam at pahiram
Tayo lang ang may alam
Tayo lang

Tayo lang ang nakakaalam
Nando'n sa pagitan ng paalam at pahiram
Tayo lang ang may alam
Tayo lang

At tayo lang (tayo lang) ang nakakaalam (tayo lang)
At tayo lang (tayo lang) ang may alam (tayo lang)
At tayo lang (tayo lang) ang nakakaalam (tayo lang)
At tayo lang (tayo lang) ang may alam (tayo lang)

April 14, 2015

On gigs and music

After university, I think I wasn't much interested to look for and listen to new Filipino bands. I guess it's a thing about growing up - you don't care much about what's in and what's new. But once in a while, when I come across a pretty song, I would search about the artists behind it and listen to their every song available.

I always go back to the artists that I loved back in college. Growing up in a university where there were plenty of rock gigs and music fests all year round, I got to explore and knew which music I liked, and didn't. I remember that there was a free concert to welcome the freshmen back in 2006 in Bahay ng Alumni, and my favorite band played. It's Up Dharma Down! Most of the crowd at that time did not give a damn when the band played. Along with my friends, we were able to squeeze in the small crowd until we're near the stage. Armi had a long hair back then and didn't communicate much to the audience. I was in awe when they played their hit Oo.

I went to the UP Fair from 2007-2012 and I chose the gigs when UdD, Sandwich, The Jerks or Sugarfree would play. It was fun watching all types of bands. I was able to see Tanya Markova and Silent Sanctuary when the crowd didn't seem to bother when they play (I am not a fan of these bands anyway) way before they got their taste of fame. There was also that time when The Wuds played, and there were only at least thirty people watching because most had gone home already.

Oh, I missed going to gigs! Good thing that I can watch recorded videos from different gigs through Youtube. But it is still nothing compared to jumping with the crowd and drowning yourself in noise and loud music amidst the danger of strangers.

Anyway, I'm glad that UdD is still active in the music scene and still produces songs that will speak for you when you are out of words to say especially when you are on the edge of emotional breakdown. I am actually waiting for the music video of their song Indak.

I love listening to this song. The words, the rhythm, they were all just right. It became even better when Peryodiko wrote a song somewhat in response to Indak. Plus, they will also release a music video for their song Tayo lang ang may alam (a line taken from the song Indak.)

I hope these kinds of music lives on. Those that feel like feeding your soul. Those that after listening and absorbing the music feel like some emptiness have been somewhat filled and you would feel okay. We need more songs like these. Cheers to good music! :)

March 21, 2015

Last day of class with the Lorax!

Yesterday was our last day of class, but there are still a lot of things to finish. Next week will be the Recognition and Graduation day!

Unfortunately, there would be no moving up exercises for the Kinder class this year, the supervisors had agreed to it. To make our last day in school fun, I decided to give my Kinder class a movie treat since most of them haven't experienced watching in a movie house yet. I thought this would be a great chance to let them have that experience. Our lessons for the last few weeks were about taking care of the community, and The Lorax would be perfect because it has that theme.
Truffula trees everywhere!
I set up the classroom to make it seemed like a movie house and I made a small photo booth for the kids, of course with a little help from friends. When the kids came to the room, they got excited and wanted to watch already! Rules needed to be cleared because kids will be kids.
Me, as Teacher Jill with the Lorax!
  Some of the children got confused with the story so I prompted them throughout the movie so the message wouldn't get lost. I'm glad that most of them knew that cutting down trees, plus trashing the communiy aren't right at all. 
My morning class!
My afternoon class!
After the movie, we took a photo with the Lorax and watched a slideshow of our class activities. It was fun! I'll miss my first Kinder classes in the public school! :)

March 5, 2015

Of learning and playing

On the night of our wedding, my then-boyfriend-now-husband gave me a new instrument - a ukulele! I never thought that he'd be able to pull a surprise as such since during our wedding preparation, we're almost always together. Great job! I was sorry that I got no material gift for him that night - but hey, the blessings we had that day were overwhelming and unexpected!
Anyway, I am very glad that I have yet another instrument to know! Well, maybe when I get some free time and the urge to learn, I'll get to know the ukulele. I already scanned the chords for it and it looks easier than the guitar. I haven't fully studied the comparison between guitar and ukulele, and I hope I won't get confused! I hope I'll have the time.

Learning to play instruments has always been a fond experience for me. Back when I was in elementary, I joined the Drum and Lyre club I remember how good it felt learning to play Twinkle, twinkle little star on my own. I attended afternoon practices with our strict teachers, Kakang Pilo and Kuya Boy. They gave us song pieces to practice at home and in school. When I was in 6th grade, I was assigned for some time to signal and lead the other players when and what to play. It was a happy experience. I was sad when I found out that my lyre was lost. Someone stole it.

I also remember having a harmonica toy (green and white in color, I guess) when I was young. I would blow it as hard as I could while trying to make up a happy birthday tune. It was one of our favorite toys and I don't know what happened to it.

Finally, back in high school, we were taught three basic chords in guitar and piano. With the powerful combination of D, G, and A, we could already play different songs. Well as for me, I learned Leaving on a jetplane in guitar, and As the deer in piano. And when I graduated from high school, my grandfather bought me a guitar in Cebu as his graduation present. It was with that guitar I learned to play! I struggled with fretting notes, basic strumming, and plucking (which I haven't really learned well.) I would look at our old song hits magazines to find songs. My favorite songs to play were Gary Jules' version of Mad World, Marty Casey's Trees, Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, Coldplay's The Scientist and Yellow, and of course, The Cranberries' Linger.
My first ever guitar
I tried playing the piano, too. I would spend good number of hours trying to learn a song or two. I think playing the piano was harder. I actually recorded two songs and uploaded them. They were messy records, to be honest, plus I don't have such great voice. One was Cat Power's I Found A Reason, and the other was Bright Eyes' First Day of My Life. Whenever I listen to those records, it's fulfilling to know that I learned them with hard work and patience.

A good friend also gave me a harmonica but I never get to learn it. So now, with our new ukulele, I've been thinking of what to play first since my original choice, that is, Crystal Fighter's At Home seems difficult yet lovely! 

Looking at all these musical instruments in our room, I can't help but smile, and realize that music is a big part of my life and it makes me feel alive. And, it feeds my soul. Ah, grateful! I think we can make a room for a drum set next time! Haha
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