April 12, 2014

Welcome Summer!

Batangas is one of the nearest places to see when you got the itch for the beach for those whoi live in the metro. It is just 2-3 hours away from Manila and offers various beaches with clear waters and fine semi-white sand.

My friends and I decided that we should go to Nasugbu, Batangas last March 22-23. The main reason was actually to have some fun time with Jade before she goes to Bahrain, but she didn't push that plan of going abroad. Well, not yet. Nevertheless, it was a plan and we wanted to make it happen. Aldrin has relatives there, and he said that we could stay overnight at his lola's house. Unfortunately, Keishien couldn't come because of work time conflict.

We left for Batangas at ten in the morning. We commuted to Mendez-crossing and waited for the bus that could take us to Nasugbu. After almost two and a half hours of travel, we finally reached the house of Aldrin's lola. They prepared meals for us and after a while, we were ready to swim at Matabungkay!

There were a lot of people swimming already. The sand and the water were inviting. After looking for a place where we could put our things, we changed clothes and dived into the water.
L-R. Ronron, Jade, Aldrin, Me
Jade and Aldrin. I teased them to make that couple-like pose
Matabungkay is well-known for its balsa cottages.

March 11, 2014


Lately, I noticed that I have been saying a lot when talking to someone. I don't feel good doing it. No one actually said that I talk too much but personally, I want to stop doing it.

One may wonder why. First of my many reasons is that maybe the person I'm talking to does not want to listen to my ramblings anymore especially when he/she stops responding - no, let me rephrase that - especially when he/she responds with a change of topic, a sigh, a nod, or a blank stare. And then I'd think to myself, "Was there something wrong with how I said it?"

Second is that I don't want to be the one bulldozing in a conversation. I hate it when someone makes me feel like he/she knows all the things that I'm going to say, including my feelings, when there is not even a glint of empathy when that person talks. I don't want to be that kind of person to anyone.

Finally, I feel exhausted when I do a lot of talking and getting nothing in the end, when I put effort in talking things with someone and appear that I'm the antagonist in the situation. 

I want to listen more and talk less, so what I try to do most of the time is pause. I pause and take a moment to listen to myself. I pause and try to figure out if my message would be heard the way I wanted to. I pause when I think that I won't be able to tell something good because I know that in silence, some messages can get through.

That would be all for now. Here's to good days! :)

February 19, 2014

When he gets weird

Couples, flowers, and chocolates flooded all over the places during Valentine's Day. It is always expected, along with the heavy traffic. My friends at work even talked about how we should leave early to hit home at a reasonably time that day.

That's my attire for the party :p
We were all wearing black that day for our Glam rock themed Valentine Party with the kids. We thought how it was unfitting for this season of love. I enjoyed every bit of the party especially when I saw my kids danced in front of their moms and dads. Plus, I received sweets (messages and chocolates) from kids and parents. It felt like Teacher's day.

There was a trace of bitterness in friends' posts at different social networking sites, especially of those who were single for whatever reason they have. I thought how Valentine's is overrated, when it felt commercialized celebrating it.

I was about to get my bag and leave when someone looked for me in the frontline. It was a delivery. And then I thought, "Who can possibly give this to me?" I even opened the package slowly that read it was from Island Rose. To my surprise, it was from Michael, the boyfriend. 

That's weird, I thought to myself. Haha. I don't even enjoy flowers that much. So I looked if there's a letter attached to the package and found a short note. Aha! I love short notes. And there's a belgian chocolate box. My heart was so happy, I love chocolates even more! Haha

Well, Michael probably knows I don't fancy flowers but anyway, it was Valentine's and flowers were classic gifts one can give to their partners. It just that we were not that kind of couple who typically gives this kind of gifts to each other on special days. We love sharing songs, music-related stuff, and poetry, instead. And once in a while, it makes me glad that he gets weird by doing unusual things for us, like this one, even when there's distance between us. Well, that's love.

Love knows no distance. Love is giving time. Love is that surprise which makes your heart skip a beat every time. Love is not something to find because it is just right there in your heart. Love is not always perfect, but you can always choose to work it out. And, love is in the eye of the one who sees your faults and accepts you for who you are.

This season of love, I have yet another chance to be aware of all the love around me, and to let it grow more. May you see the love inside you and hope that you share it to the people you care for! God loves you! :)

February 3, 2014

Think about... and thank

Think about how you woke up today and turned off that snoozing alarm, only to sleep for another five to ten minutes before finally getting out of bed. Think about how you braved to take a shower on this one cold morning and get out of shower, alive without freezing. Think about how you dressed up for school or work and hate Mondays more than any given day. Think about how you reached your school or workplace, safe and sound, ready to face the challenges of today (or not), and think again. Think hard.

Think about how you have another day - to wake up, to do your daily routines, to be in a good house and eat good food, to see your family, friends and special people in your life, to have silly and meaningless conversations, to be with the one you love and express your love for them, to realize that you always wanted to be an Astronaut or a Chemist, to talk about both happy and depressing news thrown at you by the media, to update your status in those social networking sites, to listen to your favorite music while walking or driving, to find out that you wanted more, to end your day with a perfect tea, to lie down on your soft bed and take a deep rest.

Think about how you get another opportunity, day by day. Another day to begin. Another day to start over. Another way to try things out, because yesterday might have been rough. Another time to do what you haven't done the other day, the other week, or five years before.  Another chance to make it right. Another day to move forward even if you were too scared of the present, of life. 

Think hard. Think about if you are being thankful each day. Think about if you know who to give thanks to. Think about gratitude and faith.

And, give thanks. Thank the universe. Thank your Creator. Thank the people in your life. Thank your parents. Thank your friends and significant other. Thank the person who served you coffee. Thank the driver who drops you off safely. Be thankful. Be grateful. Every. Single. Day.

Because, yesterday could have been your last. Yesterday could have killed your dreams for the future. Yesterday could have been the end of it all, but it still is not. And I think, there's no better way to live each new day but by being thankful enough, for life and all that there is in it.

January 30, 2014

A call to share

Last 2013, I was invited to give a talk, thrice on prayer meetings and once on a Weekend Formation. When someone asks me to, I don't hesitate to grab the opportunity to share, even when I thought I'm not ready. But then, God helps me always.

We had a joint prayer meeting with the Antioch community of San Isidro Labrador Parish last week. It was rescheduled twice, so we were happy that it pushed through. One of our team leaders, JM, asked me to give a talk on this prayer meeting. At first, I thought that I was invited since there's no one who would like to be the talk giver, like it's by default. But later on, I knew this was a good way to reexamine my faith and to consider what would be good to share to a bunch of young people.

When I was thinking of probable topics to share, I also thought of my friends and others who would listen. I thought of what they could get from what I would share. And then I recalled, that it is not always about me, but Him alone. 

I met with a friend few weeks back and we talked about single-minded prayer and it was quite a revelation to me, too. She said that her friend shared about it and I thought of passing it on to the youth who would listen to my sharing. As I read further about this prayer, I observed my attitude towards praying and realized that I need to change some things with how I communicate with God. Truly, sharing is a God's call, and a way of re-checking one's faith and attitude.

I kept my sharing light and interactive. I was a little disappointed that some people that I expected to come, didn't show up. I just thought that maybe they could get something from what God prepared me to talk about. Well, so much about expectations.

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